Dreams of Queens and Swans

Queen Regina’s Coronationuneasy lies the head that wears a crown


Queen Regina’s Coronation
uneasy lies the head that wears a crown


Lana Parrilla | Once Upon A Time
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Once upon a time in a kingdom long forgotten,
lived a queen in exile, bearing the punishment she’d gotten.
Banished and denied she’d wandered the halls,
loneliness tore at her soul within the castle’s gloomy walls.

Years slowly passed and her resolve began to fade,
eventually succumbing to her lonesome fate.
Hopeless and alone her light fizzled out, 
never learning what true happiness was about.

Decades have gone by since it all happened,
her spirit finds no rest even for a second.
Her ghost continues to haunt, relentlessly chanting:  
"this tragic story has no happy ending."

Halloween AU

the-m0sthappy said: *disowns you*. vehemently. :p to each their own.


"You can give up on yourself… but I’m not going to give up on you.”

A hint of red is always deadlier

A hint of red is always deadlier



Body comparisons. 

this makes me feel alive

Uhhhhh... quick question: if your blog is all things swan queen, what's with the outlaw queen? Not meaning to tell you what to do with your blog, it's just I wasn't expecting to see that from a non-tumblr-suggested blog is all...

I ship Regina+ Hapyyness. That’s about it. 

I started out as exclusivly SQ, but as each season stumbles on it’s more and more apparent that A&E aren’t even interested in providing interesting subtext. 

At first I didn’t like the idea of OQ, but hey you’ve got to admit they ARE kinda cute together. Even if Robin isn’t Emma.

So yeah, sometimes I also reblog OQ. Or the Dutch football team, or gifs of cookies. If that doesn’t float your boat, just scroll past it. 

4x01/4x03- Robin not so subtly telling Regina he loves her.


She is sooo beautiful


Last week I was helping a friend to look for a present online, she wanted to “buy a star” and we were discussing how silly it is, how everybody did it in the ‘90s and if it’s still a good idea….We have opted for something else, but this gave me an idea.

I’ve found a site that allows…



4x03 “Rocky Road”

Am I staring too hard or is it slightly see through?

It is 



4x03 “Rocky Road”

Am I staring too hard or is it slightly see through?

It is 

I’m so obsessed with Swan Queen fanfiction.




One minute I’m reading a chapter, the next I glance at the clock to see it’s 5 am. 

That’s not so bad if you started reading at 4.30am, mind you.